‘US in grip of anti-Russia hysteria, worse than days of Salem witch trials’ – analyst

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The whole ‘Russia thing’ is due to the neocons who are looking for another Cold War because it is very profitable for them, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, told RT.

Twitter has published a report on how the company battled against alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election and also mentioned RT.

In the report, Twitter revealed confidential information to the US Senate on RT’s …

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‘Dr Seuss is racist propaganda’: First lady’s book donation rejected

© Mike Blake / Reuters

A Massachusetts librarian has been criticized for rejecting a donation of children’s books by Melania Trump, because she thinks the author, Dr Seuss, is “racist” and a “cliche.”

To coincide with National Read a Book Day, Cambridgeport Elementary School, Massachusetts, was chosen to be the recipient of 10 copies of Dr Seuss books from the first lady.

School librarian, Liz Phipps Soeiro, rejected the donation in an open letter to …

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Podesta emails showed Facebook colluded with Clinton, Assange reminds

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As US lawmakers demand social media companies show how their platforms were allegedly used by Russia to meddle in the 2016 election, WikiLeaks co-founder tweeted emails that show Facebook executives in direct communication with one candidate’s team.

Beginning on October 7 last year, WikiLeaks published hundreds of emails from the private account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The daily drops continued for a couple days after the November 8 …

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US government sues company for hiring foreign workers

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. © Yuri Gripas / Reuters

The Department of Justice is suing a Colorado-based company for allegedly discriminating against American workers, after refusing to hire US citizens in favor of hiring temporary foreign labor.

The Department of Justice announced Thursday it has filed a lawsuit against the Colorado-based Crop Production Services Inc, for refusing to employ at least three American citizens as seasonal technicians at a rice breeding facility in El …

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‘Sorry it was a mistake’ not enough: Afghan decries US strike that wounded 6 in his family (VIDEO)

‘Sorry it was a mistake’ not enough: Afghan decries US strike that wounded 6 in his family (VIDEO)

Ghulam Rabani witnessed a US airstrike destroy his house in residential Kabul, injuring six of his family members, including four children. NATO expressed regret over the Wednesday bombing, but the family told RT’s Ruptly video agency it’s not enough.

Rabani showed Ruptly the destruction at his house, with missile fragments lying on the ground.

He said he …

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Patriotism? Liam Neeson urges to blow the whistle on alleged Trump-Russia collusion

© Brad Penner / Reuters

Morgan Freeman’s anti-Russian sentiment is apparently contagious as fellow Hollywood star, Liam Neeson, has decided to join the anti-Russian chorus, calling on potential whistleblowers to aid the probe into Donald Trump’s campaign’s alleged ties to Moscow.

Neeson urged anyone who has any information that could help the investigation into the Russia’s alleged meddling into the 2016 US presidential election to come forward, adding it would be a true “patriotic” move.…

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70% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s rhetoric towards North Korea – poll

© KCNA / Reuters

Over two-thirds of US voters find President Donald Trump’s remarks on North Korea unhelpful in getting Pyongyang to stop its nuclear weapons program, according to a Fox News opinion poll.

Only 23 percent of Americans said otherwise, the survey found.

61 percent of the respondents said they see diplomacy as the best way to halt North Korea’s weapons programs, while 27 percent said that threatening military action is Trump’s best bet.…

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‘The NFL’s in a box’: Trump slams owners ‘scared’ of their players

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President Donald Trump said National Football League (NFL) owners are hesitant to stop their players from kneeling in protest over racial inequality during the national anthem because “they’re afraid of their players.” Seventy percent of NFL players are African-Americans.

President Donald Trump said National Football League (NFL) owners are hesitant to stop their players from kneeling in protest during the national anthem because “they’re afraid.”   

“I have so

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‘Year late & bad info’: California says DHS falsely accused Russia of hacking its voting systems

© Thomas Samson / AFP

It appears that in its eagerness to accuse Russian hackers of meddling in the US presidential election, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wrongly claimed California’s election systems had been breached.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla released a statement in which he confirmed that DHS officials had told him that the state’s election system had been “scanned” by Russian hackers.

“Last Friday, my office was notified by the US

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‘Lingerie football’ players stand for anthem amid NFL #TakeAKnee protest (VIDEO)

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A female-only league in which the athletes are obliged to wear skimpy outfits will not back the NFL #TakeAKnee demonstrations because the national anthem is “too sacred” to protest.

The Legends Football League (LFL) – formerly known as the Lingerie Football League – issued a statement Wednesday suggesting the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ should not be subject to protest.

READ MORE: ‘We’ll show games when you show respect’: Restaurants boycott NFL over #TakeAKnee

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