Threat Awareness Quiz

Take the free assessment quiz on mitigating hostile threats in your workplace. Answers are explained as you proceed.


Ten Step Plan

Get the 10 Step Guide for mitigating hostile threats in the workplace. This is the essential guide for those who are initiating a plan to improve security and respond to threats.

Video Course: Hostile Threat Mitigation

The Vector Five Video Course on Hostile Threat Mitigation covers the ten step plan in much more detail, along with tutorials, real life scenarios, software and hardware recommendations.



The best case scenario, and our wish,  is that you will never need to use anything covered in our course materials. The same can be said of seat belts in your car, hand sanitizer on your desk, and the smoke detectors in your home.  Each of these items presents a layer of prevention for known risks, and they have been proven to save lives.

Your investment in mitigating a hostile threat is no different; you are taking steps to reduce and prevent a situation that could happen at anytime, or never. The complete course subscriptions are priced reasonably to help you quickly learn and prepare your workplace.


Until law enforcement arrives, and neutralizes the threat, the employer is the first responder.

Vector five is a devoted supporter of local law enforcement. However, our colleagues in the police department will verify that they can only respond after an event has occurred, and in cases of active shooters, they have to prepare for the worst upon arrival. This takes time, and during that time the people inside a building are in mortal danger.

It is up to each business owner or company to have a plan in place, along with resources and procedures to save lives and reduce risks.


Next Steps...

We recommend you start with the free assessment quiz. Each question is explained in detail and will provide an overview of what is covered in the ten step plan and in the comprehensive video course.